Europe’s Strongest Man (Thames). Derek Hobson hosts, flanked by ‘Enry Cooper, as ‘mighty’ contestants from five countries chase the titular title, plus a cash prize and a silver meat salver. Mean not necessarily included.

One response to “ARCHIVE TV ADVENT CALENDAR DAY TWO: 2nd December 1980”

  1. It all seems a bit shonkily organised as a contest tbh. In the girl lift event (which wouldn’t fly now for both equality reasons and the health and safety of the girls) the podium thing gets accidentally moved a bit by one of the competitors, then after that every competitor is suddenly struggling a lot more than the ones prior to that. Then in the wheelbarrow event one of the cones gets slightly shunted, after which everyone in that lane gets their cornering wrong. Compelling viewing though, even if there is also a certain fear that someone would get hurt at any moment.


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