The first episode of Broaden Your Mind’s (BBC2) second series, the sketch-based encyclopaedia of the air by The Goodies before they became The Goodies. Wiped after original broadcast, but here’s a full audio-only recording of the episode.

UPDATE 2 DECEMBER: Spotter’s badge to Daniel James Webb for noting that the episode I’d posted was from… not the date I’d meant. Thanks to me rushing to put the Archive TV Advent Calendar into action before I got distracted by an interesting stain on the ceiling or something, I failed to notice the great big “1969-11-17” on the video. The correct video now just up there. If you want to see the episode I’d originally linked to (s2e1), it’s here. And, as a bonus, here’s the original RT listing for that:

And, because it’s nearly Christmas, here’s a summary of the broadcast history. That BBC1 showing: at 17:25 on Mon 25 May 1970.

4 responses to “ARCHIVE TV ADVENT CALENDAR DAY ONE: 1st December 1969”

  1. I curious as to why your post implies the episode is dated 1st December 1969, but you link to an episode that the youtube channel ‘Audio only’ has dated as 17th November 1969? Are ‘Audio only’s dates either wrong or open to debate (I’d imagine it gets harder to date an audio only programme than one with video), or did you just think this episode was a better episode to share with us than the one that ‘Audio only’ dates as 1st December 1969?


    • The premise for this advent (that I, erm, neglected to mention) is that I find something broadcast on that day of the month in a previous year that I’ve got a scanned Radio/TV Times for, and (crucially) is available on YouTube. Plus, in this case, I’ve incorrectly taken the RT listing “A new comedy series starring” and assumed it’s the first episode of the series (the second series, that is). This is what happens when you have great ideas for a thing at 11pm at night, and quickly write and schedule a post before going to bed. I’ll correct the post and add a bit more info – thanks for pointing it out.


  2. There is some surviving visuals from ‘Broaden Your Mind’ in the form of just over 8 minutes of 35mm film inserts, which include the title sequence. It was included as an extra on the long-deleted original Network DVD release ‘The Goodies … at last’ in 2003. Don’t think it has anything from the 1.12.69 episode though.


    • That’s interesting David, I’ve got that DVD, so I’ve just pulled it out and watched the footage. Interesing blue and yellow colour scheme for the stings and credits. Most of the 8 minutes is a sketch about ex-Queen Gladys of Streatham. As you say, I don’t think any of it is from the 1st December 60 edition, or from the other episode that got linked here previously.


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