I Challenged Six AI Image Bots To Generate Images For Newspaper Headlines from The Day Today. Here Are The Results (Part Two)

Continuing this occasional series, this time with added Dall-E, which no longer requires people to sit in a waitlist for months before getting access. Hooray! My prediction is that it’s absolutely going to storm it, going by how good the Outpainting feature is. That was able to turn this classic photo:

Into this:

Bodes pretty well, I’m sure you’ll agree. Oh, and I’ll use Dall-E instead of Computer Vision, which was quick to generate images, but… well, here’s ‘Russia Elects Cobweb’.

Bye, Computer Vision. UNLEASH THE NEWSGASM.

EPISODE TWO: The Big Report

“Arafat ablaze in kerosene oyster hell” — The Daily Telegraph

1st Place: Craiyon

Yep, looks like something from that actual news story, can’t fault their work there.

2nd place: Hotpot

A bit like something from a post-apocalyptic film from 1997, but certainly a worthy second place.

3rd place: Nightcafe

Partly because I’ve used up the last of my free credits making this, so this is the last chance it gets to appear here.

“Peter Collins is not a man.” — Today

1st place: Dall-E

Not sure if there is a famous rugby league player of that name, but if there is, they certainly ain’t a human man.

2nd place: HOTPOT

Not sure what’s going on here, either. But the Eastern-Bloc-Propaganda poster look is a welcome interpretation.

3rd place: CRAIYON

Nope, no idea. Not a man, because he’s an effigy stuffed with newspaper, perhaps? It’s certainly a quietly unsettling image.

“‘Eating turkey at Christmas is like nailing an egg to the cross’ says Bishop.” — The Catholic Herald.

1st place: DALL-E

A very strong effort from the newcomer. If that had been mooted as a topical cartoon of the news story in a foreign-language newspaper, I’d easily believe it. Top marks.

2nd place: HOTPOT

Another strong one, after I’d used the ‘Comic Book’ setting on Hotpot. A very close run thing between the top two. Would work as cover art for a KMFDM album, too.

3rd place: DEEP.AI

A strong showing from the three main contenders for this headline. Well done, all.

“Russia elects Cobweb.” — The New Zealand Prendergast

One of the most memorable headlines, and something that we can but wish were true MYNAMESMATTFORDEGOODNIGHT.

1st place: PIXRAY

Dall-E cocks up the land here by generating pictures of cobwebs. Possibly overtly political cobwebs with a plan for ousting Putin, but that doesn’t come across in the picture. So, it’s up for grabs and Pixray takes the prize for this image.

2nd place: HOTPOT

Other results were only on nodding terms with the remit, and best of those was another Comic Book one from Hotpot.

3rd place: NIGHTCAFE

Even less on topic, but a nice piece of art from the Nightcafe crew. And I’ve now got a few more credits now, so I might as well publish the results of them.

Okay, time for a look at that old League Table.

HotPot making up a lot of ground on Pixray, but now Dall-E is part of this, it’ll be interesting to see how it fares after everyone else had a head start. It’s just like the new version of Ninja Warrior, basically. But with a news spoof that basically will never grow tired.

“I see Brant’s nailed it again.”

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