Nearly done with this, you’ll be pleased to know. Back to 1990 today, and The Les Dennis Christmas Laughter Show.

The third and final Christmas special on the Beeb for likeable Les, and while it’s tempting to assume “broadcast on the 22nd? Ooh, his star is falling”, there was a hell of a lot more competition for The Big Day at the time, plus his two earlier Christmas specials went out on the 27th (1988) and 23rd (1989).

No big guests listed in the RT billing, but there is a go at an Alexei Sayle’s Stuffesque concept billing, which is nice. Actual guests in the episode (aside from regular co-star Lisa “Inputted Your Data” Maxwell) included Brian Glover, so that’s something.

Plus, there’s a fake BBC1 ident in there, which makes it Alright In My Book.

On the other hand:

(Not sure if GIFs will play if you’re reading this via email. If this isn’t moving (a) you’re probably lucky, and (b) you can see the full horror on the blog.)

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