ARCHIVE TV ADVENT CALENDAR DAY THIRTEEN: 13 December 1993/A Tribute to Victor Lewis-Smith

SCREENCAP: Close-up of Victor Lewis-Smith being wrapped up in bandages, from the title sequence

Well, this is timely. Going out on this very day 29 years ago, the final episode of pseudo-sitcom/sketch show Inside Victor-Lewis Smith (BBC2) starring Victor Lewis-Smith, who died today*. (*On Saturday**.)

(**It’s a reference to a regular joke of his in his C4 series TV Offal, in case you’re unaware. And if you think that’s inappropriate, probably best you stop reading here.)

Last episode sees Victor at death's door, with his life-support machine about to be switched off. His loving father Fred (Arthur Mullard) comes to pay his last respects - and to relieve his son of all his worldly goods.

Topics include a list of Extinct Television Species, the secret story of The Queen’s other sister, the Conservatives’ new plan to privatise the homeless and… his own death. The latter in a lot of detail. Including what he’d like to have done to his body after his passing.

In short, watching this would be in the poorest taste, were it not by far the absolutely most fitting way to mark the passing of arch architect of sledgehammer satire VLS. Just bear in mind that this programme was basically a toned-down version of his earlier Radio 1 series. Yep.

SCREENCAP: An ashtray full of fag-ends, on top of which is a card marked "Tar Donor Card. I would like to help someone to drive faster after my death."

Written by Victor Lewis-Smith with his longtime writing partner Paul Sparks, and co-starring Nickolas Grace, Moya Brady, Annette Badland, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Tim Barlow and Chris Langham, plus Arthur Mullard as his dad. So, you probably won’t be seeing this repeated on BBC Four in tribute. For about fifteen different reasons.

SCREENCAP: Shrink-wrapped polystyrene tray of meat off-cuts, labelled 'Scrag-End of Victor'.

Best watch it here instead, then.

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