Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBC-1), specifically the episode Full Frontal Nudity.

Includes Army Protection Racket, Buying a Bed, Hell’s Grannies and… that pet shop sketch. Here it is dubbed into German.

BONUS CONTENT: What was the first thing written about Flying Circus in various newspapers?

Daily Telegraph, Monday, 25 Aug 1969: A piece on the zany new show replacing, as the headline suggests, all religious programming on TV.

Daily Mirror, Saturday,  4 Oct 1969. A piece about the programmes coming to the still-wet colour BBC1 service, in advance of the first episode of Flying Circus.

Daily Mail, Saturday, 4 Oct 1969: On the same day, a recommendation of the new series.

The Times, Wednesday, 5 Aug 1970: Latterly getting on board the Python bus with a review of the previous night’s Flying Circus repeat.

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